What’s You’re Favorite Sleep Aid?

Insomnia, is a common problem which most of the individuals suffers from. Everyday after a tired work and a comfortable shower, the first and foremost, the most important activity in a person’s life is none other than sleeping. This is a very well-known fact. If one sleeps well, the metabolic rate of a person will increase, helping the rebuilding of body systems. An average individual need a minimum sleeping time of 8 hours/day. WHen one sleeps well, the productivity of their works increase, concentrate easier on own tasks, manage multi-task work well, manage relationships well, etc.. The vital key to get all this done under the power of one man, is to have a wonderful sleep.

Stress is a major cause of depression, and depression is well-known by many to cause major sleep problems in some sufferers. In fact I saw a GP on BBC news the other morning saying whenever a patient comes to him with sleep problems depression is often his first thought as to the cause.

If able make your room as dark and quite as possible as this contributes to meletonin which is a natural best sleeping supplement. Don’t leave the TV or radio on….if night sounds (traffic, etc) are a concern, consider buying a “white noise” machine, which usually effectively cancels out these distractions.

Eat a light bedtime snack: While you don’t want to stuff yourself it helps to have a little something in your stomach. Hunger can cause the well-known stomach grumbling which in turn can keep you awake.

You have a strong urge to move your legs due to odd sensations such as creeping, crawling, itching, tugging, pulling, tingling, or similar feelings in your legs. The urge is difficult to resist.

Most people think alcohol helps us sleep better, but although alcohol makes us drowsy and sleepy, it makes it harder for most people to get a refreshing, deep sleep, which is the most important part of a good nights sleep.

Im 17 and suffer from anxiety and panick attacks. I am curretly not taking any medications, and i just bought Alteril, which is a sleeping pill that contains untaught ingredients including passion flower, valerian root, tryptophan and gaba. Is it safe? Does it really brand name you…

For occasional problems sleeping, you may want to try a melatonin based sleep aid. This is not a substitute for all of the remedies mentioned above, but will get you through those times when a good night’s sleep is important.

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