Music Promotion Megatips: Perfecting Your Craft

So you’ve promoted your music as an artist or band, and you’ve gotten the attention that you needed. So far. The work does not stop at music promotion. You’re still obliged to retain people’s attention, keep the momentum going, and most importantly, you have to sell music online. If you’re satisfied with just having been noticed by the public, then you’re doing your entire music enterprise a disservice.

Now that you have an autoresponder lets go over how to use it. Generate a web form and install the html or java script into your website, blog, and band promotion sites. Potential fans will have an opportunity to sign up to your list when they are browsing over your site. It is very important to give something away for free in exchange for their name and email. This gives the customer an incentive to sign up. I suggest you give away a free download of one of your songs. This is a great form of indie music promotion as more people will become familiar with your music and you will have email addresses to post updates about your band.

Her first big role was in Casper Meets Wendy where she was the first live-action Wendy. After that success, Hilary was cast as the title character in the Disney television series Lizzie McGuire. Lizzie and Hilary were instant hits! With the success of the series, The Lizzie McGuire Movie released to theaters in 2003 and debuted at #2. Hilary also appeared in Agent Cody Banks and Cheaper by the Dozen in 2003, Raise Your Voice and A Cinderella Story in 2004 and The Perfect Man and the sequel Cheaper by the Dozen 2 in 2005. In 2006, Material Girls co-starring her sister Haylie and the animated movie Foodfight! will release.

One of the most crucial things you can add to your Facebook fan page is an RSS feed. If you keep your website regularly updated, you can syndicate the RSS feed from your website directly to your Facebook fan page and make all of your posts appear directly on your fan page wall. There are several good apps to accomplish this task so just pick one that you like. Larry Ray recommends the one called NetworkedBlogs because it also adds your blog to a searchable directory, making it possible to gain some new fans.

Promo Tip #45 Have a CD, digital download and other merchandise for sale. Generate some sales so you have something to invest in other areas of your marketing effort.

Promo Tip #11 Go beyond the social networks and sign up to the best indie and unsigned music artist sites. Add a full profile, good photos, your best music, update the info regularly and DO NOT REDIRECT them with only a little info to find out more at another site. These indie communities are built to attract music biz personnel as well, to browse for the talent needed for various projects. While you have the viewers attention and time, have the important info right there, don’t waste their time with a redirect link! Include a link to your main site, if they want to learn more they will go to it.

The movie itself is set to be filmed in the deep South, where producers and directors will seek to take the movie goers back to witness the historical Americana folklore and urban legend factually based “true romance” story.

Be specific and share it with people who care about your music and maybe even the concept you have in the video. You used a cellphone to shoot your video? A techie website can feature you.

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