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Did you just take the National League for Nursing entrance exam (NLN-Pax) to get into nursing school? Are you trying to figure out how to make heads or tails out of your score? Well, I took the exam and I’ll break down how to read your score results and tell you what they mean.

When Rick got better, his new doctor felt that he could be cared for at home, and set him up with a home health care agency so that he could get attendant services and nurse visits.

I remember saying to myself, months and even a year into my business, “who did I think I was that I could leave corporate life and start my own business? I’m going back to the work I know.” Yes, I knew the work, but it was no longer satisfying. Thankfully, my inner voice challenged me, and I began to look inside at my strengths and passions. I compared what I knew of myself to what I was doing. They didn’t match up.

Here is another tip for you. Do you think we create our businesses alone? Even though we have our home offices or an office space outside of the home, we are human beings – we need interaction, a pat on the back and different ideas to bring substance, quality and fun into our lives and our work. DON’T DO IT ALONE! Create a success team. I have been meeting with my success team every week for the last three years. I would not be where I am today without them.

So if you have found love and you lost it along the way, don’t stop where your beloved left you. Don’t stand there mourning and RN CEUs the pain. You have to do something to win your ex back in ways he or she cannot resist. Getting your ex back is not a silly thing to do especially if you really love the person. Instead, it is the most rational thing you could ever do in your life.

Try bodysuit extenders. If your bundle of joy happens to be long and lean, try purchasing some bodysuit extenders. These little pieces snap on to the bottom snaps of bodysuits to make them longer, so body suits can be worn much longer. Look at online baby retailers to find them.

Aside for CNA careers being in demand, they get good salaries and incentives too, which are the reasons why the said career has become appealing to a lot of people, even the ones who already have different careers. For those people who plan to an RN career degree someday, becoming a CNA first is a good stepping stone to ace your RN studies. You sort of be ‘ahead of the game’ once you become familiar already with nursing basics and working in the hospital environment. If you are interested to know more about CNA careers education, click here.

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