Have Someone Read Your Essay Before Submitting

As a student, you may have slaved over an essay or assignment and spent days researching the topic and then just as long writing it, only to end up with a failing grade. How should you cope with this? What can you learn from a failing grade?

Catchiness. You essay should be catchy. Once your teacher takes a glace at your introduction or even your title, he should be instantly drawn to your essay. It should be interesting enough to be able to urge your teacher in reading your piece from start to finish. You should not bore your teacher in any part of your engineering essay. Each sentence should convey excitement.

Once that draft is completed, go back and test each sentence to see if it supports either the first or the last sentence. If it does, then leave it. But if it does not, then it will detract from the point of your story and must be removed, even if it is one of the best lines you have ever written. Writing instructors emphasize time and time again that you must tighten your story by paring out every single word or sentence that does not contribute something to your main idea. And finally, check your first and last sentences. You may find by the time you have finished your article that there is a better way to express the opening of the closing of your article.

Ask a successful business owner if they pay for education and they will, almost 100% say yes. Corporations pay an average agriculture essay of a year educating their employees. Many successful entrepreneurs invest hundreds of dollars a year into education and upgrading their skills.

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If, after you have obtained your associate’s degree, you wish to continue on to attain a bachelor’s degree, you might consider transferring to a four year program. In most cases, the work you have done to complete your associate’s degree will count towards the general education requirements of the university.

Studying the style of authors, reading 10 hours a days, imitating your favorite writers, or memorizing grammar rules and syntax patterns will not help you a great deal. A little yes-but not a lot. We all benefit from studying, but the crux of the matter is to write every day no matter what. If you are a writer you must not lose your way.

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