Carpet Cleaning Methods

Believe it or not Scotchgard (Tephlon, Maxim, or whatever brand you prefer) is not just some stuff that your carpet cleaning company’s technician spays on your carpet just to make more money off of you. Read on to learn the benefits of Scotchgard along with an easy way to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Such as in and out cleaning services, window or wall washing, and even plant care. You can also increase your profits by selling some of the supplies to your clients as well. Such as refilling Soap dispenser’s, paper towel, and toilet paper containers, which adds an amount to the contract price. You can also replace their light bulbs, and trash bags.

Hi, I have been a professional carpet cleaner in Anchorage Alaska for over 30 years. People are always asking us if this stain will come up or if we can get that traffic pattern out. So, I thought I would write an article about what stains and conditions that professional carpet cleaners can handle and when maybe it is time to replace that carpet.

Stains can be no big deal if you get to them right away. In fact, most stains that become a permanent fixture of your carpet do so as a result of being left to sit and really sink in. Vinegar is a simple household item usually found under the sink which can take care of almost anything. From ink to wine, vinegar is able to handle the job. Simply dilute it with some water and keep it in a spray bottle so that you have a handy first stop when it comes to stains.

Don’t just call a professional carpet cleaner in. Make sure they come in and do the right kind of cleaning. Let them know about what kinds of damage your carpet suffers, be it grime, allergens, stains, pets, kids or just high traffic. This will help your professional choose the right kind of cleaning.

Odor problems- If the place smells really bad then replace the carpets. If it is cat urine then replace that carpet where the cat urine is. If it is a few 10 or less small dog urine spots then perhaps the carpets can be saved. It depends on the severity of the urine.

If you want more feed backs, research online. The world wide web has made the world smaller, and you can find every kind of actual customer reviews and feed backs in the local business online directories. Therefore, it’s worth the time to check it out.

Next, you will have to take care for the soapy solution. To remove what is left from it you can use a spray bottle filled with cold water and a clean cloth to absorb the moisture. Finally, you should spray one more time with cold water. After that put about 10 paper towels over the spot and press them with a heavy object. For example, you can place a few large books. 24 hours will be needed to soak up the rest of the moisture. With this the carpet cleaning mission is over.

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